Mother Angelica Tour & Museum


     In 1981, Mother Angelica, a cloistered Franciscan nun, launched what has become the largest religious media network in the world; Eternal Word Television Network.  EWTN now reaches 264 million homes in 145 countries and over 700 million homes with AM, FM, shortwave radio and internet.

    It all began in 1923 in a small home in the southeast end of Canton, Ohio.  Born Rita A. Rizzo, the future Mother Angelica, grew up in a working class neighborhood during the Roaring Twenties a block away from her parish church. 

    Young Rita had a difficult childhood.  Her father, John abandoned the family before Rita was five years old.  Divorce soon followed.  Life was a struggle for Rita and her mother.  Rita’s years of trial were compounded by a debilitating stomach ailment until she was healed by Jesus through a woman named Rhoda Wise.  That healing set her life on a course that would ultimately change the world........    Come and see where it all began.



Mother Angelica Museum opens on May 18!
Interactive Audio Experience and Traditional Memorabilia
Please call ahead: St. Raphael Center 1.800.548.8270 and ask for Barbara  



    Your day starts at St. Raphael Center with Holy Mass in the Mary, Ark of the Covenant Chapel.  You will then board the bus and go on an amazing journey through the early life of Mother Angelica:

  • St. Anthony Catholic Church - where she was baptized and spent her childhood
  • Rhoda Wise House and Grotto - where she was healed as a teenager
  • Rhoda Wise grave
  • St. Peter Catholic Church
  • Sancta Clara Monastery - where Mother professed final vows
    You will enjoy a delicious homemade lunch, including dessert and beverage. 

    Recitation of the rosary after lunch and time for prayer, meditation and shopping in our gift shop.  We also have an outdoor Lourdes shrine and rosary garden.


  Bring a group on your own bus. We'll handle every detail of your trip from the time you enter Canton until you return home.  Tour season is May 1st to Oct. 31st.   


For details call St. Raphael Center 1.800.548.8270 and ask for Barbara.  

            Come and see where it all began... 




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